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over 2 years ago

Hack the Northeast: Beyond Submission Reminder & Guidelines!

Hi Hacker!

Just a friendly reminder that submissions are due by 2 PM EST today. To review what to include in your submission, please refer to this document. Each team may only submit 1 project.

You will be submitting your project onto our Devpost ( If this is your first time using Devpost, this guide will walk you through how to submit your project.


You may only submit to a max of TWO individual non-sponsor tracks. This means choosing only ONE of the following options below:

  • 1 Non-Technical and 1 Technical Track 
  • 2 Non-Technical Tracks
  • 2 Technical Tracks

If you select more than this amount, your project will only be considered for the first two tracks that you picked. 

All submissions must include:

  • A link to a Github Repo containing your project's code
  • 3 minute video explaining your project (max 5 min.)

If you have any questions with your submission, feel free to ask them in our Discord! We look forward to seeing everyone's projects! Winners will be announced tonight at 7 PM EST. See you soon.



the HTNE Staff