over 2 years ago

HTNE Beyond's Successful Blast Off!!

Hi everyone!

The judges have weighed in, and we're excited to share the news! Go to the Hack the Northeast: Beyond gallery to congratulate the winners and check out all of the awesome submissions.

We will sending out more info regarding hacker swag within the next week or two, and will also get in contact with you via email if you are a winner of the EA Prize Raffle. Thanks for joining us & we hope you had a stellar weekend!

over 2 years ago

Hack the Northeast: Beyond Submission Reminder & Guidelines!

Hi Hacker!

Just a friendly reminder that submissions are due by 2 PM EST today. To review what to include in your submission, please refer to this document. Each team may only submit 1 project.

You will be submitting your project onto our Devpost (https://hack-the-northeast-beyond.devpost.com/). If this is your first time using Devpost, this guide will walk you through how to submit your project.


You may only submit to a max of TWO individual non-sponsor tracks. This means choosing only ONE of the following options below:

  • 1 Non-Technical and 1 Technical Track 
  • 2 Non-Technical Tracks
  • 2

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over 2 years ago

Hack the Northeast: Beyond Check-In Form

Hi hacker!

If you are participating in Hack the Northeast: Beyond over this weekend, please make sure to fill out this check-in form if you haven't already: Form

Filling this form out will ensure you'll receive swag from MLH after our event (and earn Local Hack Day points for you and your guild)!

More info regarding our own Hack the Northeast: Beyond swag will be released in our Discord later on so keep an eye out for that!



the HTNE Team

over 2 years ago

Final call for submissions

There are only 3 days left to complete your submission for Hack the Northeast: Beyond.